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Loreto is considered the oldest human settlement in the Baja California Peninsula.

In here, you can still observe extraordinary cave paintings and petroglyphs; These spectacular paintings shape murals in the rocks that represent, in a size not bigger than natural size, semi human and animal shapes in scenes representing religious ceremonies, pilgrimages, hunts or battles. They are a fascinating proof of the ancient inhabitant's forms of expression.


Loreto was the capital of the Californias for more than 133 years, then, the capital was moved to La Paz. Today, more than 300 years after its founding, Loreto is reach in history and natural wonders to discover. Loreto is head of the municipality that has its name, it is an exciting tourist destination with modern infrastructure. Its prestigious history adds a special value. The Mission of Our Lady of Loreto (Nuestra Señora de Loreto) and its museum are evidence of its heritage.

As an authentic oasis at the edge of the Sea of Cortes, just a step away from Nopolo, Puerto Escondido, Carmen and Coronado islands, Loreto is like a Shangri-La. All the people who live in Loreto or have visited it, can appreciate how, after 300 years of its founding, its unique mix of history, culture and nature keep making life interesting and pleasant.

Loreto, besides its history, is a paradise for aquatic activities like sport fishing, diving, kayaking and adventures in the Loreto Bay National Park.

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